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Metcheck Festival Forecasts

Metcheck Festival Forecasts

About this page

Woooo! Hands in the air and blow those whistles!

Metcheck now provides the latest long range weather forecast for virtually every festival on planet earth and if you're going to one (or even all of them?!) then this is where you can get the latest forecast for the event.

We show the expected weather for the first day of the festival or event and when the event gets closer we will even give it its own page so you can follow the weather while you're there.... Woooo! Hands in the air!

People who share Metcheck win the lottery*

* Made up quote

Festival or Event Date Latest Long Range Forecast
Temp Feels Rain Cloud Weather
September 2014
Outlook Festival 2014 Wed 3 Sep 24°c 25°c 0mm 75%
Bestival Festival 2014 Thu 4 Sep 18°c 18°c 0mm 1%
Festival No. 6 Fri 5 Sep 15°c 14°c 0mm 12%
Unknown Festival 2014 Mon 8 Sep 25°c 27°c 0mm 0%
Reeperbahn Festival 2014 Wed 17 Sep 11°c 9°c 0mm 5%
Alchemy Festival 2014 Fri 19 Sep 14°c 13°c 0.2mm 97%
Something Else In The Dean 2014 Fri 26 Sep 16°c 15°c 0mm 24%
October 2014
Swn Festival Festival 2014 Fri 17 Oct 16°c 14°c 6.5mm 96%

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Help & Info

Festival or Event - This is the Festival or Event name
Date - When the festival or event is
Temp - This if the forecast maximum temperature on the first day of the event or festival
Feels - This is what the temperature will actually feel like (welly temperature!)
Rain - Amount of rainfall on the day (welly noise amount!)
Cloud - Amount of cloud in the sky (sunnies temperature!)
Weather - The weather expected on the day