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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (1)

Gonzalo Arrives Tonight

Most of the attention today will be concentrated on the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo as they sweep across the Atlantic, arriving across our shores tonight and tomorrow bringing a wet and windy spell of weather with them. The rain will soon clear through tomorrow to leave a breezy and showery day with the rather changeable theme then set to continue throughout the rest of the week.

This morning is dawning rather cloudy across much of northern and western Scotland, Northern Ireland, northwest England and Wales with showers continuing to feed in from the west, some of these on the heavy side. However for eastern Scotland, eastern and southern England there is more in the way of brightness around with just the odd shower. Overall today there will be a fair amount of cloud feeding in from the west with the best of any sunshine in eastern areas whilst further scattered showers will continue to move across from the west. As we go through this afternoon cloud will thicken across many western parts of the UK with winds backing southerly and freshening up as rain moves into northwest Scotland and Northern Ireland during this evening. Temperatures will be close to or just above normal with maximums in the range of 15C to 17C in the south whilst the north will be a touch cooler.

It will turn wet and windy across much of the country today as outbreaks of heavy rain and strong to gale force south/south-westerly winds sweep in from the west, the rain reaching south-eastern parts of England later in the night. Some of the rain will be heavy, especially in the north and west, whilst those winds will become gusty with gusts of up to 60mph likely in exposed spots. That rain will quickly clear away to the east tomorrow to leave a cool and blustery day across the UK with strong to gale force north-westerly winds blowing in a number of showers, these heavy and squally at times whilst winds may gust up to between 50 and 65mph around the showers, especially in the north.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (10)

Next Week : Metcheck v7

Yay! Metmoo is back...

We would tell a white lie and say that Metcheck v7 has been tested on cows... but it hasn't. In fact Metcheck v7 hasn't been tested on any animals whatsoever so if you get it in your eyes and it stings then you only have yourselves to blame. (Ed. Let's try to keep this sensible eh?)

But behind the scenes we have been working hard on the new version of Metcheck. We wanted a site which was dynamic, one which kept you totally up to date with any developing weather situations. We wanted it to be easy to use and understand and available on every device you own. We wanted cows! (Ed. Please?). But we also wanted a site with data and functions you could trust. Even though the new site looks more like version 5 (remember the blue one?) it has been totally overhauled with many areas being rewritten and tested with new data.

We have new features on it including snow maps, live data as well as new MyMetcheck panel which shows you where the nearest lightning is!

Before we switch the old version off and move everyone across to the new one we would love you to check it out so that you can get used to it and have a little play with it. So..... c'mon and do you, us and Metmoo a favour and make a cup of tea (with milk... hehe!) put your feet up and click the link below to check out the new site and have a play.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (1)

Gonzalo Turns and Heads For UK

As usual the press have gone into manic mode with regards to ex-Hurricane Gonzalo. After delivering a serious blow to Bermuda on Friday and then brushing Newfoundland on Saturday night Gonzalo has now been picked up on the Polar jet and is heading towards the British Isles.

Before we go into any detail it is worth remembering that getting remnants of ex-Hurricanes and Tropical Storms is nothing new for the UK. There remains some uncertainty with regards to the eventual strength and track of Gonzalo as he crosses the UK on Monday night and into Tuesday, but certainly not as uncertain as ex-Bertha was in August and not quite as potent either.

Fortunately we have a deep area of low pressure across Iceland which will serve to take the sting out of Gonzalo. Gales, perhaps severe gales across Western and Northern areas are likely overnight Monday with heavy rain for Western facing locations. During Tuesday Gonzalo sweeps quickly away to the East leaving the UK in a rather cold and autumnal wake from the North-west.

The potential for snow and blizzard conditions for a time across higher ground of Scotland and feeling cooler for all areas too. We will have more on Gonzalo and the latest track and forecasts throughout Monday and Tuesday on Metcheck.

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