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Scattered Heavy Showers

The stand-off between low pressure over the Atlantic and high pressure to the northeast continues today with the weather front that has been slowly moving north-eastwards during the past 24 hours still plaguing north-eastern regions today. Low pressure does look set to win the battle by the weekend though as it winds itself up and moves in from the southwest bringing a pretty changeable spell of weather which will then last throughout next week with it also turning colder from the north.

Many areas are starting off rather cloudy and misty this morning with some fog patches over central and south-western regions. Thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain are continuing to affect much of north-eastern Scotland, with some rain still over parts of East Anglia. As we go through today that rain band will slowly edge a little further northeast meaning that for the far northeast of Scotland, Shetland and Orkney it will remain dull and damp all day. Elsewhere skies will tend to brighten as we go through the day with some warm sunny spells coming through, but by this afternoon some heavy showers will break out, these most likely over central, northern and eastern parts where thunder is a possibility. Temperatures will be close to or just above normal for many, feeling warm in the brighter east.

The showers will tend to die out tonight with many places turning dry with some mist and fog patches forming. However showers may well return to eastern counties of England and Scotland as that weather front starts to move back westwards again. Looking ahead to tomorrow and many eastern regions will be rather cloudy with some rain or heavy showers but elsewhere a mixture of sunny spells and more scattered showers can be expected.

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Convective Week Coming Up

A change in the weather patterns this week as high pressure which has been the dominant force for many over the past couple of weeks slips away and allows a significant upper trough to to become established over the British Isles.

The process started over the last half of the Easter weekend with low Quendoline pushing in rather strangely from the South-east. During the first half of this week we are under the control of Iberian weather with some unstable and moist air dragged in from the continent. This will allow the potential for home grown storms across the UK during Tuesday.

For the second half of the week and it's return of the Atlantic as the upper trough and Iberian low allows the Atlantic to make inroads once again from the West. Some heavy showers expected ahead of incoming weather systems will mean the potential for some interesting convective activity this week.

Towards the end of the week and a deep area of low pressure once again swings in from the Atlantic bringing more rain and unsettled weather. The synoptic setup at the moment across Western Europe is rather interesting and will allow for a few complex situations over the next few days. Not everywhere will see heavy rain, not everywhere will see rain. But, the overall scenario shows the Atlantic making more of a presence over the coming week or so and some interesting situations developing as a result due to the strengthening sun at this time of year.

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