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 Afte an early frost, temperature started...


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Cloudier In South

  • Cloudier In South

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Another cold and frosty start to the day across many parts of the country this morning with more in the way of fog patches around than yesterday morning. The frost and fog has formed thanks to a ridge of high pressure, but this high will be giving way to weather fronts pushing back in from the south during the next day or so as a shallow low moving north out of France brings cloud and some rain but also somewhat milder temperatures.

Back to this morning then and it is another cold start then with temperatures currently hovering around the -4C mark over rural parts of England and Wales and there are some patches of freezing fog around too, the thickest of these over central parts of England. However outside of the fog there will once again be plenty of sunshine around today with that fog also lifting in most areas during the morning. However there will be more in the way of cloud across the Channel Islands and along English Channel coasts with some rain or showers breaking out, and this will spread slowly northwards into other southern counties of England and Wales today to bring a dull and cold afternoon. At the same time a band of cloud and patchy rain across Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the far northwest of England and southwest Scotland this morning will edge back northwards across western Scotland today. Maximum temperatures will be close to normal in many areas, reaching highs of 7C to 9C, but staying colder where the fog lingers and where it soon turns overcast in the south.

On the whole it won't be as cold tonight with more in the way of cloud moving up from the south in many areas as showery outbreaks of rain affect parts of England and Wales. The main frost risk will come across Scotland and Northern Ireland, but even here it will be patchy with variable cloud amounts. Looking ahead to Wednesday and on the whole a much cloudier day is expected across much of the UK with showery outbreaks of rain moving northwards. It will be rather cool across northern and western areas, but towards southeast England it should be a milder day.

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Cold, Foggy and Frosty Tonight

Hmm, not meteorological Winter yet, but our thoughts will start turning that way if we get any more nights like the one that is approaching.

What we would call a "proper" Novembers evening on the way across a large part of the country as winds fall light and we find some pretty dense areas of mist and fog developing widely across parts of England later this evening. Temperatures dropping away quickly too with air and ground temperatures below freezing for a time across the Midlands, East Anglia and Western England allowing for the potential for freezing fog in places.

Later in the evening the cloud will start to spill in from the South as rain and milder air heads in from Iberia. This has two effects. The first being the winds will start to pick up across the South slowly which is enough to lift the fog. The second is higher cloud acts like a radiation blanket from the top (not the ready brek kind of radiation!) which dissipates the fog from above. As this happens we will find the fog developing more widely across parts of the Northern Midlands and East Wales along with the colder air.

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All about the "F" in Fog

The F in Fog can stand for Fun or Freaky or sometimes just plain Phenomenal. Just a little article on this weather type as there are some really impressive goings on every time fog forms across the UK.

Fog is basically cloud at surface level (in a very basic nutshell). Fog develops when the air is cooled to its dew point temperature and therefore the air can't hold any more moisture and the water already present in the air condenses. The vast majority of fog we will see over the coming weeks will be radiation fog which is where the skies clear and they allow the surface temperature to drop away to the dew point of the air.

OK, you kind of knew that anyway, but sometimes you get a strange phenomena where it gets colder and then the mist and fog starts to form and then.... the temperature rises a degree or so whilst the fog is forming making it feel as though it is warming up?! What's that about?

The reason is twofold. The first is that as the air condenses into water droplets and this means the water is turning from the state of gas to liquid which releases latent heat and energy (that accounts for about 0.5c temperature rise). The second, is that as the air suddenly becomes saturated it is unable to evapourate the water from your skin into the air as it simply can't accept any more water. This has the effect of keeping your sweat on your skin and making you feel a bit warmer too.

So there you go, if anyone asks you today why it turns warmer for a time when fog develops you now know.

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