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Cloudier For Some

High pressure sat to the northeast of the UK remains slow-moving and continues to maintain its grip across the country but during the next 24 hours or so a weak front pushing in from the east will bring more in the way of cloud with it and a few showers, especially towards eastern coastal regions. Otherwise the generally dry and settled theme is maintained and is set to last well into the week although there will be an increasing risk of some heavy showers breaking out in the south.

It's a rather cloudy and overcast start to Sunday in many places with low cloud, mist and fog patches quite widespread this morning, but skies will tend to brighten and for most places it will turn into another dry and bright day with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud, the best of the sunshine towards western districts. There is a small risk of the odd shower breaking out this afternoon, mainly in the east, although most places will miss these and stay dry. Temperatures will again climb to just above normal values with highs widely in the range of 19C to 22C, warmest in the sunnier areas and whilst most places will see light winds, there will be more of an east/north-easterly wind picking up across southern and eastern counties of England.

Tonight will see most places staying dry with clear spells and some variable amounts of cloud whilst some mist and fog patches will form again, but later in the night as that front approaches from the east thicker cloud and a few showers will move into eastern parts of England and Scotland. Monday will see western regions enjoying another pleasant day with variable amounts of cloud and some pleasant sunny spells, but there will be more cloud and a few showers across central and eastern parts as that front slowly makes its way westwards.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (7)

Metcheck v7 With Metcheck Mums

It's become something of a tradition when it comes to releasing new versions of Metcheck. As you are probably aware we are building the next version of Metcheck here at Metcheck Towers. The new version is truly stunning and is everything you would expect from Metcheck and more. When the final beta version is released from the Towers we initially test it in house with all the programmers and forecasters. Once this has been completed it's the turn of the Metcheck Mums who wander around the new site trying to break it, but more importantly making sure it makes sense and that they know where to click.

Once all this is complete we will launch the new version alongside version 6 for a week to let you guys get used to it and give us more feedback and testing before we launch the final version.

Here are just a few of the new additions to v7 :-

- Totally responsive design, the same site on your browser, tablet and phone
- Brand new style of 7 day forecasts at a glance
- MyMetcheck shows you all the nearest weather happening to you right now
- Cleaner and faster (the site, not the programmers)
- Totally interactive showing real-time weather developments
- More accurate weather models for low cloud
- Full Metcheck for 7 countries around the world.

Metcheck v7 will be available for public testing from Sunday October 5th.

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An Dem Seh Here Comes Trouble!

Changeover week in the Atlantic this week as we see the blocking area of high pressure finally give way low pressure encroaches from the South-west.

Quite a painful, long and drawn out process, but such is always the way with blocking weather patterns across the Eastern Atlantic.

During the course of the week we will notice winds start to back around to a more Southerly quarter. This will introduce warmer, humid air from the Iberian peninsular with the increasing risk of showers and indeed thunderstorms across Southern counties later in the week.

High pressure then does it's best to muscle in again from the North-east later in the week but the writing is on the wall. Across the Western Atlantic the jet stream is actually starting to get its act together and as we head towards the equinox it's almost like the Atlantic suddenly remembered about the equinoctial gales which we normally see around the end of the month.

So, enjoy the late burst of summer warmth this week (if you like that), enjoy the thunderstorms towards the end of the week (if you like that) and enjoy the wet and windy transition as we head into the second half of September (if you like that).

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