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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Some Sunshine

  • Some Sunshine

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A fair amount of dry and bright weather around across the UK today thanks to a ridge of high pressure but later on weather fronts associated with the remnants of ex-Hurricane Cristobal will arrive across the northwest before slowly moving across the rest of the country on Monday. It's not all bad news though as we are expecting the fronts to be fairly weak and high pressure is still expected to take control during the course of the upcoming week.

Apart from the odd very isolated shower it is a generally dry start to Sunday with variable amounts of cloud drifting around and some bright or sunny spells. On the whole it will be a dry and bright day in most regions with further spells of warm sunshine at times. There will continue to be a fair amount of cloud for many though and later today thicker cloud will bring some outbreaks of mostly light rain into Northern Ireland and western Scotland as those weather fronts edge closer. Temperatures for many parts will again be close to normal today and it will feel warm in any sunny spells and with winds generally on the light side, although they will pick up in the northwest later.

Tonight will be mostly fine and dry towards southeast England but elsewhere it will become mostly cloudy with that band of rain edging further south and east. Much of the rain will be on the light side, but there could be the odd heavier burst in places. Somewhat clearer conditions will then arrive across the west and northwest later in the night. Looking ahead to tomorrow and that band of cloud and patchy rain will slowly move across the rest of England and Wales with brighter conditions and the odd shower affecting much of Scotland and Northern Ireland, spreading into many parts of England and Wales during the course of the day.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (3)

It's Stratospheric Baby!

Yeah, the cow's back! Right, looking more than likely now as though high pressure will build across the UK for the first half of September. However, meteorologically speaking there are plenty of other changes afoot which are worth taking a look at.

September is usually a month of two contrasts. You know the whole Lion/Lamb thing? Well, it's pretty much a similar kind of event with September. The difference is that September, like March, sees the Northern Hemisphere start to take on a wider contrasts in air masses. The North Pole starts to cool as daylight finishes for the Summer, whilst the equator is still as warm as ever.

There are also some strange goings on in the upper stratosphere over the North Pole too as the Polar Vortex starts to become established. As a result we will start to see the jet stream across the Atlantic start to intensify during the next two or three weeks. So, no wet and wild weather just yet, but think of it as the Atlantic just popping down the gym for a fortnight and will be working out. Get ready to see it flex those new muscles in a couple of weeks or so....

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (2)

Signs Of Improvement

Nope, we don't mean with the Metcheck forecasters sense of humour sadly, but tentative signs now of high pressure building across the UK during the first week of September. Strangely enough, the main driving factor of high pressure building is in fact remnants of Hurricane Cristobal which races across the Atlantic but heads North towards Iceland.

You see, this is natural physics in action. Low pressure will force air to rise which is great.. but that air has to go somewhere. Imagine when you were younger and you would dig holes (perhaps you're still doing this?) in the ground and then throwing the soil out. Eventually it will form a mound of dirt, on one side if it is windy enough. In the atmospheres case this is air. The air being sucked up by Hurricane Cristobal is deflected to the East of it and in turn builds an area of high pressure with all that descending air. The one difference between a transient high (which Cristobal creates) and something like the Azores high (semi-permanent) is that transient highs tend to get moved along rather quickly by any incoming area of low pressure from the West.

So, that's next weeks weather in a nutshell, high pressure building in from the West but expect a few complications as transient high pressure areas are reliant on the exact track and intensity of what is creating them.

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