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Damian from Maendy

 Hi All, another amazingly beautiful day,...


matt w from Watford



George from Lisburn

 Sunny spells earlier in the day but more...


Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (3)

Easter Dilemma Continues

So... will it be the parents? The in-laws? Or shelves?

Finally the weather is starting to become a little clearer as to what we can expect for the long Easter weekend. So, without further ado here is the latest forecast and recommended activity planner for the Easter Weekend :-

Good Friday
Go to B&Q and look at shelves! Probably the best of the days across the bulk of the country as high pressure ridges back in from the West. Dry for many areas with more cloud across Scotland and Northern England. Temperatures 13-15c but perhaps 16 or 17c across Central and Western England.

Easter Saturday
Go to B&Q and buy the shelves! Mostly cloudy across much of England and Wales with sunshine in Scotland. A keen Easterly picking up across Eastern England with some showers edging into South-east England later in the day

Easter Sunday
Make space on the living room floor and unpack the shelves! Heavy rain pushing North-west across much of England and Wales with some cool, gusty winds developing across much of the UK. Scotland will however see the best of the sunshine for much of the day.

Easter Monday
Spend 2 hours looking for the chuck key for the drill then put the shelves up! Low pressure across the UK will bring a cool, showery day across much of the country. Heaviest will be in the North as well as Northern Ireland.

So, there you have it. If your parents live in Scotland then go and see them. If your in-laws live in Scotland then go and see them. Other than that you'll be putting shelves up on Monday like the rest of us.

Have a fantastic and peaceful Easter from all at Metcheck.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

High Pressure *Still* In Charge

Err pretty much the only thing we changed was the front page picture to be honest as very little in the way of change across the British Isles as high pressure continues to rule the scene.

A cold start to the day today though with a widespread grass frost for much of England and Wales. Across Northern Ireland the cloud is already thickening with patchy rain spreading in from the North-west. During the course of the day this frontal system will continue to head South-west into Western and later Central Scotland.

For the bulk of England and Wales though it's pretty much wall-to-wall sunshine from the word go with temperatures responding quickly too and 16, perhaps 17c possible across the South-east.

During this evening the band of cloud and light, patchy rain will push South-east bringing a change for many areas for tomorrow with more in the way of cloud as well as a cooler feel to the weather.

And then it's Easter.... the weather is still sending us on an Easter Egg Hunt with regards to how it will develop with some strange model output this morning but we will have a full Easter forecast for you as well as a Metcheck Easter Egg Hunt on the site tomorrow.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (6)

Summer 2014 - Ay Carumba El Nino!

Ahh the holy grail of long range forecasting.... Sometimes we have a bash at it here at Metcheck.... and sometimes we don't.

The reason is usually that sometimes there are no strong signals which are present in order to actually make a forecast. We've always been told if you've got nothing important to say then don't. Some newspapers would do well to adhere to this advice.

Saying that we have more sensationalist articles in the papers today informing us that "experts" are predicting a long, hot summer for the UK. Sadly, these "experts" don't seem to be using the same signals which qualified "experts" use.

For Summer across North-west Europe we tend to look at two main pointers. The first being the amount of late Spring snowfall across Europe and the second being the sea temperatures across the Eastern Pacific. Too much late snow and it tends to mean a delayed Summer but a good one (take last year for example). Then we look at the state of the El Nino or La Nina. This year all indications point to a strong El Nino developing in the next few weeks. This, combined with lack of Eurasian snow cover indicates a wetter than average Summer for us here in the UK. Obviously this doesn't mean rain every day but a long, dry and settled Summer is looking more unlikely.

But then again we might be wrong... but nobody remembers a busted forecast like 100 days of snow.... or do they?

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