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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Showers Developing

A rather mixed day of weather in store today with low pressure bringing a fair amount of cloud and some showery rain with it. Meanwhile, another developing system (Low Theresa) out over the Atlantic will move in later today bringing strengthening winds and rain into the southwest with this system then set to hang around over or close to the UK for a number of days.

Many areas are starting off rather cloudy and misty this morning with some mist and fog patches. Some showery outbreaks of rain are already beginning to break out across eastern areas and as we go through this morning those showers will become more widespread as well as turning quite heavy and perhaps thundery in places across much of England, the Channel Islands, Wales and into parts of Scotland as a plume of moist warm air feeds in from the continent and interacts with a trough. Not everywhere will catch the showers though, with much of Northern Ireland, northern and western Scotland seeing a fair amount of dry and bright weather today. Temperatures will be close to or just above normal for many, feeling warm and muggy in any brighter spells that develop over parts of eastern England this afternoon.

The showers will tend to linger on well into tonight, perhaps turning thundery towards southeast England for a time. By then though attention will be turning towards the southwest as freshening winds and outbreaks of rain arrive as Low Theresa edges closer. The rain and fresh winds will spread further north and east on Saturday with showers following on behind and then Theresa is set to hang around into next week bringing further showers or spells of rain, but there will be some drier and brighter intervals at times too.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

American Tornado Outbreak

If you have friends and family living in the United States then you may well already have heard about the severe weather outbreak that is expected to occur this weekend across Tornado Alley.

We are now at the time of year when the tornado season really gets under way so no real surprises on that front. However the set-up for this weekend is looking particularly concerning as it looks like a very sharp dry line will develop and move slowly eastwards across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. This refers to the very dry air from the Colorado Rockies descending downwards meeting the very moist airmass coming up from the Gulf of Mexico.

The outcome of this dry line for this particular event could see violent thunderstorms breaking out containing large (grapefruit sized) hail and tornadoes across Tornado Alley this weekend bringing the risk of significant damage and destruction. Not only this but torrential downpours of rain will lead to flash flooding.

Our Metcheck USA team in Miami, FL. will be following developments closely and will have regular updates.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (1)

Low Sabine Southern Soaking

Low Sabine is currently developing rather slowly across the continent and will bring some heavy rain in from the South-east during Friday across Southern and Eastern areas. During Friday the remnants of Sabine will be pushed further North across many parts of the UK with some heavy rainfall for a time across all Southern facing upland areas.

Into the weekend and it's Low Theresa which heads in from the Atlantic and is actually one of the most potent areas of low pressure we have seen from the West for some time.

Heavy rain associated with Theresa is of some concern, but also some strong winds wrapped around the system will bring near gale force winds across parts of the South-west.

Into next week and it's all about Theresa. She will stagnate slowly across the UK which at this time of year means a mixture of unstable air as well as daytime land heating.

In short, some unsettled weather for a time on Saturday but then it's sunshine and heavy showers all the way. It is April I guess....

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