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Acorn from Stone, Staff

 Swynnerton - Correction to pressure....


Acorn from Stone, Staff

 Swynnerton - It's more overcast than sun...


George from Lisburn

 Cloudy but dry overnight with min temper...


Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (4)

Easter Dilemma Continues

So... will it be the parents? The in-laws? Or shelves?

Finally the weather is starting to become a little clearer as to what we can expect for the long Easter weekend. So, without further ado here is the latest forecast and recommended activity planner for the Easter Weekend :-

Good Friday
Go to B&Q and look at shelves! Probably the best of the days across the bulk of the country as high pressure ridges back in from the West. Dry for many areas with more cloud across Scotland and Northern England. Temperatures 13-15c but perhaps 16 or 17c across Central and Western England.

Easter Saturday
Go to B&Q and buy the shelves! Mostly cloudy across much of England and Wales with sunshine in Scotland. A keen Easterly picking up across Eastern England with some showers edging into South-east England later in the day

Easter Sunday
Make space on the living room floor and unpack the shelves! Heavy rain pushing North-west across much of England and Wales with some cool, gusty winds developing across much of the UK. Scotland will however see the best of the sunshine for much of the day.

Easter Monday
Spend 2 hours looking for the chuck key for the drill then put the shelves up! Low pressure across the UK will bring a cool, showery day across much of the country. Heaviest will be in the North as well as Northern Ireland.

So, there you have it. If your parents live in Scotland then go and see them. If your in-laws live in Scotland then go and see them. Other than that you'll be putting shelves up on Monday like the rest of us.

Have a fantastic and peaceful Easter from all at Metcheck.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Subtle Changes

Some subtle changes today as the area of high pressure that brought the fine conditions of the last couple of days gets pushed out of the way by Low Quendolin. It's not all bad news though as high pressure will rebuild for the start of the Easter weekend before low pressure takes over from the southeast.

This morning is starting off on a cloudier note for many parts of the country with the best of the early sunshine to be found across southern and south-eastern parts of England. There are some showers across northern and western regions with some patchy rain and drizzle also affecting parts of northern England and north Wales. The sunshine in the south will tend to fade as that cloud edges further south, although Kent and Sussex may well remain bright well into the afternoon. Meanwhile brighter skies will move in across Scotland as those showers slip further south into Northern Ireland and northern England before dying out. Temperatures for most will be a touch lower than recently with highs in the low teens at best, but across southeast England it will be a warmer day with the sunshine helping temperatures up to 19C or 20C.

The cloud will continue to edge south tonight and with clearer conditions following temperatures will drop back low enough for a touch of ground frost across northern areas. Looking ahead to the Easter weekend and for many Good Friday and Easter Saturday will be the best days with plenty of dry and bright weather around before it turns more unsettled from the southeast, but Scotland and Northern Ireland may well remain mostly fine until Easter Monday.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Metcheck Easter Egg Hunt

Aww you didn't think you'd get no Easter eggs from Metcheck this year did you?

Well as we all wind down for the long Easter holiday weekend it's time for a few fun and games on Metcheck. We've hidden some Easter eggs around the site. In fact, some of the eggs have been opened... (Ed. What?)

So in true Metcheck style we are going to give away an Easter egg which comes complete with a crap mug to whoever can find all the Easter eggs on the site. You don't need to tell us where they are but just tell us how many Easter eggs we've hidden on Metcheck and then post your guess to the Metcheck Facebook page.

We will then pick a winner at random and will actually send them a *real* Easter Egg with the worst mug we could find here in the Metcheck Towers cupboard.

So... what are you waiting for? Go hunt!

PS - We've hidden them in some strange places
PPS - The mug is really crap! (Ed. But clean?!)

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