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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Tuesday : Boring Weather

  • Tuesday : Boring Weather

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The weather remains rather quiet again today across much of the UK despite low pressure centred to the north of the country being the dominant feature. This low is sending it's associated weather fronts into north-western areas, but they are rather weak with the rain generally showery in nature. As we move towards the weekend the showers do look set to become more widespread as low pressure places itself over the country.

Back to this morning and for many places it is a dry start to the day with some sunny spells, the best of these towards the south and east of the country. There is more cloud the further north and west that you go, and some showery outbreaks of rain, the heaviest and most persistent of these over northern and western Scotland. The showers will continue here throughout the day, perhaps spreading into parts of northern England, but for most other parts it will be another predominantly dry day with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. Temperatures will be a touch down on those seen yesterday, especially towards the southeast with maximums here of 24°C, but cooler towards the northwest whilst there will be a more noticeable breeze in most places.

Apart from a few showers in the northwest, it will be a dry night for many and feeling a touch fresher than recently towards the south. Looking ahead to tomorrow and showers in the north and west will tend to become heavier and more frequent as well as slowly spreading further southeast with the best of the weather again towards southeast England, but by the weekend the showery theme will spread to most places.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (4)

2014/15 Storm Names

Bit of a change coming this Autumn at Metcheck as we switch from using the German storm naming system to our own one.

The reason? Well last Winter we had an unprecedented run of Atlantic weather systems affect the UK and some of the storm names which were allocated just came across as a little errr strange?!

Many of the names which we used caught on in the public imagination and on social media but it was only the English sounding names which really worked.

So, we thought long and hard about it and decided that for this season we are going to run using our own naming convention. Better than that, YOU can suggest names for us to use and then once we allocate them we will use that name when its turn comes around.

So, take a look at the suggested names so far. We will start allocating the names in the next few days. Oh, and as for our German mates who provided us with names for the past few years? Dankeschön und auf Wiedersehen...

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (5)

Metcheck v7

Metcheck v6 looks like being the shortest lived version of the site we have ever had? This is due to the fact that we kinda got it wrong with regards to the navigation and flexibility of the existing structure.

But from August 1st a moratorium starts on Metcheck v6 as our programmers start work on the next version of the site. Over the weekend there was a buzz around Metcheck Towers as we started to look at the technology we are using for the next version of the site. Already we promise the following things :-

- It will be responsive (i.e work on all your devices)
- All existing pages will be carried over
- It will have a picture of a cow (on all your devices)
- It will have less adverts
- It won't make you coffee (on any of your devices)

We will shortly be opening a new area in the sandbox to get your wishlist for the next version of the site.

We are planning to launch Metcheck v7 on October 1st 2014. However, we will be running the new version alongside the existing one from September 1st to let you get used to it.

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