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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (2)


Finally the sunshine is back for many parts of the UK following what has been a pretty dull spell of weather as persistent easterly winds brought in a lot of mist and low cloud. High pressure is building back in from the northwest but the difference is it is bringing much cleaner and fresher air down from the north meaning plenty of sunshine by day but cooler nights.

So for many parts of the country it is a fine and sunny start to Sunday with plenty of sunshine around once any early mist and fog patches clear. There is somewhat more in the way of cloud across the far south and towards northern and eastern coasts but for the most part it will be a dry start bar the odd isolated shower in the northeast. Any cloud in the south will soon clear away and then for most places it will be a fine day with plenty of sunny spells to enjoy. Temperatures are starting off on the chilly side but by this afternoon they will pick up to near normal values in the high teens and it will feel very pleasant in the sunshine and with generally light winds although there will be more of a north/north-easterly breeze towards southeast England.

Clear skies and generally light winds tonight will lead to a chilly night with temperatures dropping back down into single figures in most areas, and perhaps low enough for a touch of ground frost in some rural spots, whilst a few mist or fog patches may form in the north. This takes us into a bright and chilly start to the new working week and for much of the UK Monday will again be mostly fine and dry with plenty of sunshine around although later in the day thickening cloud and a little rain will move into the far northwest.

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BIG GFS Model Upgrade On Way

For the vast majority of people it will be a bit like where you go home and sure that something has changed but not quite sure what. Perhaps it's that picture on the wall and you are sure it's new but in fact it's been there for years... you get the idea.

A massive GFS upgrade is coming in November which will take the US weather model into not only the 21st century, but will set the standard for years to come for other weather modelers. For most of you you will notice an improvement in things like cloud cover and temperatures as the resolution of the model is doubling. Not just this but an entire raft of changes including the grid system which is going and being replaced by a kind of football octagonal shape grid.

We could blurt on about all the changes but in all honesty they are the kind of things which make meteorologists drool but for the lay person it's a bit like a mechanic getting excited about a new style of carburettor or something.

We will let you know when the models are changing. Metcheck will be using the new data from the start of October and you probably won't notice a thing except the accuracy increases. But, behind the scenes there are some very excited meteorologists.... very, very excited.

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Equinoctial Gales

Next week sees the autumn equinox take place as the sun passes over the equator and moves over the southern hemisphere for the next six months. Traditionally many Septembers bring a spell of fine, settled late-summer weather during the first half of the month which then give way to increasingly unsettled conditions with spells wind and rain developing during the second half. Often when this transition takes place within a week or so of the autumn equinox it has long been referred to as the time of "equinoctial gales".

Recent records don't completely support the idea of equinoctial gales, and whilst there are years in which gales weather have affected the country at the time of the equinox, such as 1975 and 1991, the second half of September as a whole is generally a period in which the frequency of high winds starts to increase in time for the winter season when the gales peak in frequency as the temperature gradient between the pole and the tropics increases.

So what of this year? Well the equinox occurs on September 23rd and so far this month has been exceptionally dry, warm and settled for many parts. However over the next week or so we are set to see rather more unsettled conditions developing, firstly in the form of thundery showers moving into southern Britain from the south by the end of the coming week and into the weekend before the quiet weather returns for the beginning of next week. However there is growing consensus that a full breakdown to Atlantic weather systems will take place later next week with spells of increasingly wet and windy weather developing.

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