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Brightening Up

  • Brightening Up

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High pressure continues to sit over Scandinavia and with low pressure off the coast of Iberia then much of the UK is left under a east/south-easterly airflow which will continue to bring a fair amount of dry and fairly warm weather with it. If anything temperatures will nudge up over the next few days, reaching the mid-twenties across central and southern parts of England.

Back to this morning and it is another cloudy and overcast start to the day in many places with low cloud, mist and fog patches quite widespread this morning, and the cloud is thick enough to bring some light rain and drizzle, especially across eastern and north-eastern parts of Scotland where there are some heavier showers around. On the whole skies will tend to brighten and some sunny spells will develop although there could be the odd sharp shower popping up almost anywhere this afternoon whilst across the far northeast of Scotland and the Northern Isles there will be some heavier bursts of rain continuing at times throughout the day. Temperatures will generally be in the range of 18C in the north to 22C further south, but in the best of the sunny spells in the south maximums of 23C or 24C are likely with winds in most places a light to moderate east/south-easterly.

Tonight will see most places turning rather cloudy again with low cloud, mist and fog patches developing again whilst further rain or drizzle will affect north-eastern parts of Scotland along with the Northern Isles. Tomorrow will see very little change overall with many places away from the damp northeast seeing plenty of bright and warm weather, but a few heavy, thundery showers may break out towards the far south and southwest of England along with the Channel Islands later in the day and into Wednesday night.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (5)

Exclusive : Scottish Weather To Vote NO

In an exclusive interview with Metcheck, the Scottish weather has said it will vote NO in the upcoming referendum. "We've been exporting snow, freezing temperatures and generally crap weather to the soft Southern lads and lassies for hundred years now, so why stop?" it added "Nothing gives us a bigger chuckle than seeing cars sliding around and English people trying to use umbrellas in 50mph winds!"

This comes just a few days before Scotland makes the momentous decision as to whether to keep its own weather in the future and stop the trade of weather between England and Scotland.

"The only thing the English weather has sent us are thunderstorms" Scottish weather said. "Even those are hit and miss, plus last year they didn't send us any! Not one!".

The English weather replied earlier today explaining that due to "budget cuts" they had been unable to send thunderstorms last year but promised that if Scottish weather votes YES then next year Scotland can expect "Bountiful thunderstorms with a rather nice cherry on top!". Responding to the potential of Scottish weather voting NO, English weather added that "If they stop sending us ice, snow and goodness knows what, then we shall moan about something else. Fog and err... low cloud with occasional showers can cause misery for millions, so we shall moan about that."

Metcheck tried to contact French weather to ask whether they had any plans based on the potential outcome but it was still at lunch.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (7)

Metcheck v7 With Metcheck Mums

It's become something of a tradition when it comes to releasing new versions of Metcheck. As you are probably aware we are building the next version of Metcheck here at Metcheck Towers. The new version is truly stunning and is everything you would expect from Metcheck and more. When the final beta version is released from the Towers we initially test it in house with all the programmers and forecasters. Once this has been completed it's the turn of the Metcheck Mums who wander around the new site trying to break it, but more importantly making sure it makes sense and that they know where to click.

Once all this is complete we will launch the new version alongside version 6 for a week to let you guys get used to it and give us more feedback and testing before we launch the final version.

Here are just a few of the new additions to v7 :-

- Totally responsive design, the same site on your browser, tablet and phone
- Brand new style of 7 day forecasts at a glance
- MyMetcheck shows you all the nearest weather happening to you right now
- Cleaner and faster (the site, not the programmers)
- Totally interactive showing real-time weather developments
- More accurate weather models for low cloud
- Full Metcheck for 7 countries around the world.

Metcheck v7 will be available for public testing from Sunday October 5th.

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