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Metcheck iPhone App

  • Metcheck iPhone App

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Yes, you've been waiting for it as long as you've been waiting for Christmas and the good news is that it is now in the final testing phase.

We will give away the final 50 iPhone testing codes from midday on Friday from our Facebook page to the first 50 users which request it.

Once the final test is complete we will be ready to go live and the Metcheck iPhone and iPad apps will be released into the public domain (sounds a bit scary).

So, if you have an iPhone or iPad and you managed to download iOS 8.0 and it still works... and it's not bent.... then all you need to do is like us on Facebook and at midday on Friday you can request a testing code which you redeem from the Apple store.

Click on the link below to follow us on Facebook.

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Wet And Windy Northwest Later

Another fairly quiet day of weather across the UK today with a ridge of high pressure dominating, but later on an approaching Atlantic weather system will bring some very wet and windy weather into the northwest for tonight and Friday as an increasingly unsettled spell of weather begins to take hold.

To start with this morning it is fine and chilly in many areas with a touch of frost over rural locations in the north whilst a few patches of mist and fog have formed in places too. However for much of central, southern and south-eastern England there is more in the way of cloud still hanging around and here it's a mild start. For many places it will be a dry day with sunny spells for much of the time, however there will continue to be more in the way of cloud across southern and south-eastern England, the thickest of which could bring the odd shower. Later in the day cloud and wind will increase across western Scotland with outbreaks of rain developing across the Western Isles by this evening. Maximum temperatures will range from around 13C or 14C in the north and west to a pleasant 19C to 21C towards the south and east of England, whilst winds will be light to moderate south-westerlies for most but becoming strong over the west of Scotland.

Many places will be dry and cool tonight with clear spells, but across north-western parts of both Scotland and Northern Ireland it will become increasingly wet and windy. Further north and west and many areas will see a much colder night with clear skies and a touch of frost forming in rural spots. Looking ahead to tomorrow and many parts of England and Wales will see another dry day with sunny spells, although cloud will increase across northern and western regions. Meanwhile outbreaks of rain will affect much of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the rain becoming heavy and persistent and accompanied by strong winds.

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Typhoon Phanfone For Grand Prix?

Could certainly be a new addition to the starting grid in Suzuka this weekend in the form of Typhoon Phanfone which is forecast to come perilously close to the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

Phanfone is currently a Typhoon with winds of 105kts and moving at around 13kts to the North-west. Over the course of the next few days Phanfone will continue to push North-west and strengthen with winds of up to 145kts by Saturday evening whilst sitting around 100 miles to the South of Japan.

Heavy rain as well as strong winds will then curve to the North-east and it's entirely possible that the Grand Prix will be affected by the outer rain bands of the system.

Worth remembering that Tropical systems are notoriously difficult to forecast, but if you have interests in Japan, whether for the Grand Prix or not then Typhoon Phanfone will play a big part in the coming weekend.

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