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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (0)

Thundery Showers Across South-east

  • Thundery Showers Across South-east

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Rather strange synoptic set up this morning. Still have plenty of energy available in the atmosphere across parts of Eastern and South-eastern England and we have two area of low pressure which are set to battle it out during the course of this morning with the South-east caught in the firing line.

Low pressure pushing down from the North-west during the course of today will interact with low pressure across the near continent which destabilises must of the warm, humid air triggering some locally intense downpours.

During the course of the day the area of thundery rain will push South-west into parts of East and West Sussex and Hampshire with cooler, fresher air being pulled in from the North-west.

Showers and longer spells of rain across Western England and Wales as the area of low pressure slides South.

Temperatures around average for this time of year with 19-22c widely across the board.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (3)

Morning Soundings

Ahh we knew it wouldn't last...

Some interesting soundings across the UK this morning (these are the weather balloons some poor soul has to release at 6am every morning). They are showing some impressive instability across the South-east where the CAP is likely to be broken when somewhere reaches 26c.

Here is a little bit of insight into the magic of meteorology so no talking at the back and we'll tell you how to watch developments and how meteorologists forecast where storms break out.

OK, the magic number is 26c, so during today we will be looking for any areas (particularly large towns/cities) which will reach that figure. The reason is that air works like bubbles, so the warmest bubble will rise first and as it does so will trigger the first shower which then draws in energy from the surrounding air. The most unstable area today is across the South-east corner, particularly towards the East coast of Essex. By knowing this we look at areas which have the potential to heat up first, our best guess is around the Chelmsford area which could well be the trigger.

As this area develops it will head South-west across the London area feeding on even more heat, humidity and energy creating what could be some impressive cell structures across the capital early this afternoon.

So, there you go. A bit of an insight into how we forecast on a micro-scale level, now it's just up to the weather to play ball, but if you live in or around Chelmsford then keep an eye to the sky... and Metcheck of course.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (3)

Metcheck v7

Metcheck v6 looks like being the shortest lived version of the site we have ever had? This is due to the fact that we kinda got it wrong with regards to the navigation and flexibility of the existing structure.

But from August 1st a moratorium starts on Metcheck v6 as our programmers start work on the next version of the site. Over the weekend there was a buzz around Metcheck Towers as we started to look at the technology we are using for the next version of the site. Already we promise the following things :-

- It will be responsive (i.e work on all your devices)
- All existing pages will be carried over
- It will have a picture of a cow (on all your devices)
- It will have less adverts
- It won't make you coffee (on any of your devices)

We will shortly be opening a new area in the sandbox to get your wishlist for the next version of the site.

We are planning to launch Metcheck v7 on October 1st 2014. However, we will be running the new version alongside the existing one from September 1st to let you get used to it.

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