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Clive from Dartford

 Not to bad a day with some sun but has t...


Terry from Padstow

 Day started clear then clouded over morn...


Damian from Maendy

 Evening All, it has been a misty, murky ...

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Weather Forecast in Cornwall for Friday 28 November

Weather Forecast in Cornwall for Friday 28 November

Next 48 Hours This Week Next Week Next 6 Months
Fri 280:002:5914 °c11 °c0.0 mm0 %57 %26-36mph2211 m992 mb
 3:005:5914 °c11 °c0.0 mm0 %40 %24-37mph2400 m992 mb
 6:008:5914 °c11 °c0.0 mm0 %21 %26-39mph2388 m994 mb
 9:0011:5914 °c12 °c0.0 mm0 %14 %24-38mph2462 m995 mb
 12:0014:5914 °c12 °c0.0 mm0 %0 %22-35mph2704 m996 mb
 15:0017:5914 °c12 °c0.0 mm0 %0 %20-31mph2805 m998 mb
 18:0020:5914 °c12 °c0.0 mm0 %0 %17-27mph2760 m1000 mb
 21:0023:5914 °c13 °c0.0 mm5 %0 %15-24mph2770 m1002 mb

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Model and Location information for this forecast area

Model & Location Information

Model Information (?) Location Information Sun & Moon Information (?)
12Z Run Thu 27 Nov 17:27 GMT Latitude 50.3N Longitude -5W ▲ 8:19 GMT 16:24 GMT ▼
Update01hrs 45mins  Moon For Wed 31 Dec

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Above is the latest weather forecast for this location. The data shown is :-

From - Until : This is the forecast period
Temp : This is the temperature forecast at 2m above the ground
Feels : This is the temperature with the added combination of humidity and windspeed
Amt : This is the forecast amount of rainfall or snowfall in the 3hr period.
Int : This is the forecast intensity of any rainfall falling in the 3hr period
Wetcheck : This is the percentage chance of seeing rain/snow falling across your area in the 3hr period
Cloud : This is the average cloud cover across the region in the 3hr period
Dir : This is the average wind direction in the 3hr period
Speed : This is the average wind speed to the maximum gust wind speed in the 3hr period
0c : This is the forecast height of the freezing level in the atmosphere across the region.
UV : This is the forecast UV level of the sun across the region.
Weather : This is a combination of all elements displayed as a weather icon
Conf. This is the Confidence tool. Click on the icon for a breakdown of this 3hr period.

An alert icon will appear next to any adverse weather :- Gusts over 60mph, Ice, Fog, Snow or Heavy Rain