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 We had some strong gust of wind during t...


Iain from Walsall

 Hello everyone. Report for Saturday: it ...

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GFS model charts

Metcheck GFS Model Charts

About this page

These are the latest NCEP GFS model weather charts at Metcheck.

The maps below show a variety of weather variables and are in 6 hour intervals out to 240 hours then every 12 hours out to 384 hours ahead. The images begin updating at 4.40am, 10.40am, 4.40pm and 10.40pm (BST) or 3.40am, 9.40am, 3.40pm and 9.40pm (GMT) and take approx 90 mins to complete.

Forecast Hours (6-240hrs)
6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54
60 66 72 78 84 90 96 102 108
114 120 126 132 138 144 150 156 162
168 174 180 186 192 198 204 210 216
222 228 234 240
Forecast Hours (252-384hrs)
252 264 276 288 300 312 324 336 348 360 372 384
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Discussions ▼

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at Metcheck Towers? Sadly, our offices are spotless and if you were a fly we'd probably squish you with a rolled up newspaper before you even heard what we talk about.

The Metcheck Forecasters Discussion page is a behind the scenes look at how we are following developing weather situations. We always add one each day and sometimes far more frequently if a critical weather day develops. In the Forecast Discussions you'll see how we are following developing situations and with our expert knowledge of numerical models we can give you an insight as to whether the models should be trusted or not.

Winter 2014 Forecast ▼

Every November our meteorologists take a little look at what kind of patterns we are expecting to develop across Europe this coming Winter.

Sometimes we are right, sometimes wrong and sometimes very wrong but it's all part of the fun. Our forecasters try to explain the reasoning behind the forecasts (usually unsuccessfully) but if anything it's a jolly good read and we hope it gives you a better understanding as to how the weather evolves across the continent.

Important note for media and newspapers. You are not allowed to copy or reference any of Metchecks forecasts or views without our written permission under any circumstances.

Jet Stream ▼

You probably hear a lot about the Jet Stream in the news. It's either too far North or too far South. The jet stream is identified as winds at 300mb (during Winter) and 200mb (during Summer). It is these winds which are responsible for driving and developing weather systems across the Atlantic.

NEW - Under the charts you can also see where the jet stream *should* be at this time of year based on the 1981-2013 climatic averages

The images are updated twice a day at 6.10am and 6.10pm (BST) and take approx 20 mins to complete.

Need more help or explanation about this page?

Help & Info

Sea Level Pressure - Plotted using isobars displaying the pressure levels in contours
3hr Rainfall - Displays sea level pressure and the accumulated 3hr rainfall amounts
2m Temperature - The forecast temperature in centigrade at 2m above ground
Freezing level - This is also known as the zero degree isotherm and shows the height at which all air above is freezing or below
Rain/Snow - This shows you whether precipitation will fall as sleet or.... snow.
850mb Temperature - This is the temperature of the air at the 850mb pressure level. This is the height at which day and nighttime heating have no effect on the atmosphere
CAPE - This is the amount of convective potential of the atmosphere for the creation of thunderstorms
Cloud Cover/Thickness - This displays the cloud cover, rainfall and thickness of the air showing how precipitation is likely to fall.
10m Wind Speed/Gust - This is the forecast wind direction and gust wind speed at 10m above the ground

Click Here for the archived charts

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