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Metcheck Atlantic Storm Names

Metcheck Atlantic Storm Names

About this page

When a storm system develops in from the Atlantic Metcheck gives the storm an allocated name.

Why? Good question. Well mainly to help people understand and keep track of areas of low pressure affecting our day to day lives. When two storm systems rattle in one after another, it can sometimes get a little confusing and you may hear a "gale is on the way" well after the event has actually happened. So, we decided to do something about it.

Who names the storms? The storms are allocated names by some very clever folks over in Germany at the Institute fur Meteorologie. You can check them out Here.

There is current development to bring in a European wide system of storm naming which we will adopt and use as soon as it is running.

Allocated & Current Named Systems
Letter Weather System Name Hashtag Status
M Mischka #LowMischka Active
N Norbert #LowNorbert Active
O Othmar #Low/Gale/StormOthmar Allocated
P Patrick #Low/Gale/StormPatrick Allocated
Q Quinn #Low/Gale/StormQuinn Allocated
R Rod #Low/Gale/StormRod Allocated
S Steffen #Low/Gale/StormSteffen Allocated
T Thomas #Low/Gale/StormThomas Allocated
U Uli #Low/Gale/StormUli Allocated
V Volker #Low/Gale/StormVolker Allocated
W Winfried #Low/Gale/StormWinfried Allocated
X Xeno #Low/Gale/StormXeno Allocated
Y Yoda #Low/Gale/StormYoda Allocated

Current Systems

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Help & Info

How do we class the storms?
At Metcheck, we class storms based on their current central pressure in millibars. Storms can be upgraded or downgraded, however the name will remain the same.

Violent Storm <940mb
Storm 941-960mb
Gale 961-980mb
Low 981-1013mb

We used to name storms at Metcheck until 2015 when a particularly powerful storm affected Western Europe. The storm had three different names depending on which country you were in and as a result this caused some confusion as it crossed Europe. Because of this we decided to adopt the German naming system until a Europe-wide system is available later this year.

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