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Metcheck Atlantic Storm Names

Metcheck Atlantic Storm Names

About this page

When a storm system develops in from the Atlantic Metcheck give the storm a name.

Why? Good question. Well mainly to help people understand and keep track of areas of low pressure affecting our day to day lives. When two storm systems rattle in one after another, it can sometimes get a little confusing and you may hear a "gale is on the way" well after the event has actually happened. So, we decided to do something about it.

Who names the storms? You do. Well, not you personally but MyMetcheck users can suggest a name for a system and if it's accepted we will allocate it to our rolling lists.

Allocated & Current Named Systems
Letter Weather System Name Hashtag Status
A Alexandra #LowAlexandra Active
B Benjamin #LowBenjamin Active
C Charlotte #LowCharlotte Active
D Declan #LowDeclan Allocated
E Eleanor #LowEleanor Allocated
F Freddie #LowFreddie Allocated
G Gaea #LowGaea Allocated
H Hugh #LowHugh Allocated
I Isabel #LowIsabel Allocated
J Joshua #LowJoshua Allocated

Suggested Future Names
Letter Suggestions so far...
Letter Suggestions so far...
K Kara,Kanchel,Kate,Kieran,
Suggest another name starting with K!
L laurence,Lucy,Lear,Laertes,
Suggest another name starting with L!
M Malcolm,Macbeth,Malvolio,Meka,
Suggest another name starting with M!
N Neill ,Nicholas,Nemo,Nerissa,
Suggest another name starting with N!
O Ophelia,Owen,Orla,Octavia,
Suggest another name starting with O!
P Ptolemy ,Petrel,Pam,Persephone,
Suggest another name starting with P!
Q Quince,Queenie,Quinn, Suggest another name starting with Q!
R Rachel,rosy,Rufus,Rose,
Suggest another name starting with R!
S Seamus,Skeiron,Smig,Sally,
Suggest another name starting with S!
T Teagan,Titania,Troilus,Toto,
Suggest another name starting with T!
U Uriah,Una,Ulysses, Suggest another name starting with U!
V Victor,Viola,Vincentio,Volha,
Suggest another name starting with V!
W Willoughby,Wilhemina,Wesley,Willy,
Suggest another name starting with W!
X Xander,Xana,Xabat,Xanthe,
Suggest another name starting with X!
Y Yvonne,Yaya,Yolanda,Yorick,
Suggest another name starting with Y!
Z Zod,Zadok,Zoltan,Zeus,
Suggest another name starting with Z!

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Help & Info

How do we class the storms?
At Metcheck, we class storms based on their current central pressure in millibars. Storms can be upgraded or downgraded, however the name will remain the same.

Violent Storm <940mb
Storm 941-960mb
Gale 961-980mb
Low 981-1013mb

This helps people understand the severity of the system. Not just that, but also track its development. If a storm system is destructive and causes either deaths or widespread damage then we withdraw it from the list of available names in the future.