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Alan f from Parc Seymour

 Misty and dull here all day: but no wind...


AJay B from Carmarthen

 Quite a cold, murky damp day today. Best...


George from Lisburn

 Bright sunny day though hazy after the d...

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Metcheck Weather Warnings

About this page

Metcheck issue a range of weather alerts ranging from Weather Watches to Flash Weather Warnings. The latest alerts will appear on this page as well as a banner displayed across the top of all pages on the website.

A description of the type of advisories we issue can be found at the bottom of the page.

Click Here to find out how we decide on weather watches and warnings.

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Wed 26 Nov: 09:00 GMT

Valid From

Wed 26 Nov : 16:00 GMT(Currently Active)

Valid Until

Thu 27 Nov : 09:00 GMT (15hrs remaining)

Weather Watch for Fog

Mild air spreading up from the South will lead to dense fog patches developing widely early this evening and this afternoon with potential visibility down to 20-40m across parts of West England and West Midlands during this evenings rush hour.

Drivers in these regions should be aware of the potential for restricted visibility during these times.

Later this evening and overnight fog will develop widely across areas near the Forest of Arden and higher ground across the Pennines.

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WEATHER WATCH - Information on the potential for adverse weather up to 5 days ahead which initially may not be severe.

ADVANCED WEATHER WARNING - Information on adverse weather that is expected within the next 3 days which initially may not be severe.

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING - Information on the likelyhood of severe weather conditions within the next 2 days.

FLASH WEATHER WARNING - Information on expected severe weather within the coming 12 to 24 hours.

THUNDERSTORM ADVISORY - Information on the potential for convective activity up to 5 days ahead which initially may not be severe. This advisory may be superseded by one of the above Weather Warnings.