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Metcheck Weather Warnings

About this page

Metcheck issue a range of weather alerts ranging from Weather Watches to Flash Weather Warnings. The latest alerts will appear on this page as well as a banner displayed across the top of all pages on the website.

A description of the type of advisories we issue can be found at the bottom of the page.

Click Here to find out how we decide on weather watches and warnings.

 High Risk  Moderate Risk  Low Risk  No Risk


Fri 30 Jan: 11:00 GMT

Valid From

Fri 30 Jan : 17:00 GMT(In 2hrs)

Valid Until

Sat 31 Jan : 09:00 GMT (18hrs remaining)

Weather Watch for Ice

With temperatures dropping down close to or below freezing widely tonight there will be a significant risk of icy surfaces forming, especially on untreated surfaces. The ice risk will be increased thanks to further showers in places, particularly over Scotland where a couple of cm of new snow could accumulate over high ground above 150m, and more over areas above 250m.

In other regions any showers are likely to be a mixture of rain, sleet and wet snow, with any snow settling over high ground over 200m. Nonetheless, icy conditions are likely to develop even where it rains, especially as rain is liable to wash away grit and salt.

Extra care will be required with hazardous conditions likely in places.

 High Risk  Moderate Risk  Low Risk  No Risk


Fri 30 Jan: 11:00 GMT

Valid From

Sat 31 Jan : 05:00 GMT(In 14hrs)

Valid Until

Mon 2 Feb : 11:00 GMT (68hrs remaining)

Weather Watch for Snow/Ice

After a brief period where slightly less cold air moves across the UK on Friday, we are expecting a very cold airmass to sink southwards from the north during Saturday and into Sunday as winds veer more northerly in direction.

With the cold, unstable airmass and warm sea surface temperatures, we are expecting heavy and frequent showers to develop, especially around the northern coasts of Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday, with these showers then spreading down the west and east coasts of England and Wales by Sunday. It will be cold enough for snow to fall to low levels, and accumulations are likely to develop. In addition to this, the development of troughs, which won't be identified until nearer the time, could bring the risk of snow to inland regions too.

In addition to this strong to gale force north/north-westerly winds may gust up to 60mph at times, bringing blizzards to the mountains and drifting of snow.

We will update this Weather Watch if developments require it.

Need more help or explanation about this page?

Help & Info

WEATHER WATCH - Information on the potential for adverse weather up to 5 days ahead which initially may not be severe.

ADVANCED WEATHER WARNING - Information on adverse weather that is expected within the next 3 days which initially may not be severe.

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING - Information on the likelyhood of severe weather conditions within the next 2 days.

FLASH WEATHER WARNING - Information on expected severe weather within the coming 12 to 24 hours.

THUNDERSTORM ADVISORY - Information on the potential for convective activity up to 5 days ahead which initially may not be severe. This advisory may be superseded by one of the above Weather Warnings.

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