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Another Day of Typical Summertime Storms!

  • Another Day of Typical Summertime Storms!

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The National Temperature Extremes for Saturday August 16, ranged from a Low of 35 degrees (2 Celsius) in Walden-Jackson County, Colorado to a High of 109 degrees (43 Celsius) in El Centro, California.

Monday, August 18:

Expect some lingering showers in Northern Maine from an Area of Low Pressure centered near Prince Edward Island. Otherwise fair and sunny skies will be in the forecast for The Rest of New England, and Most Parts of The Mid-Atlantic States.

The same weather system that will effect Northern Maine, will eventually have a Cold/Stationary Front extending west into The Virginias, before connecting to an Area of Low Pressure centered near The Indiana/Kentucky Border. From the Area of Low Pressure, a Cold/Warm Front will extend west-southwest, then west-northwest into Western Kentucky, Northern Arkansas and The Lower Great Plains, before connecting to another Area of Low Pressure centered in Western Nebraska. As a result, expect showers and thunderstorms into The Southern Part of The Mid-Atlantic States, The Virginias, The Southeast, and The Northern Gulf Coast.

The center of another Area of Low Pressure will move from North Dakota to Minnesota. As a result from this weather system, expect rain showers into Parts of The Rockies (morning), The Upper Great Plains and The Upper Midwest. There is a slight risk of severe weather for The Western Half of Iowa.

Elsewhere, expect scattered rain showers into Parts of The Four Corners Area, and Parts of The Desert Southwest. Temperatures are expected to go above 100 degrees (38-42 Celsius) into Parts of Southern and Northcentral Texas, Parts of Central Oklahoma, Parts of Southern Kansas, Parts of Southcentral and Southwestern Arizona, Extreme Southern Nevada, and Parts of Southeastern California.

M. Leiba

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