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Monday, July 27:

An Area of Low Pressure centered over Southern Quebec, will have a Cold Front extending southwest into Northern Vermont and Northern New York State. Another seperate Area of Low Pressure centered near The Western Pennsylvania/Western New York State border, will have an Occluded Front extending east across New York State, before it branches into a Warm Front which will extend east into New England, and a Cold Front which will extend southwest then west, into The Mid-Atlantic States, The Mississippi Valley, and The Lower Midwest. The Cold Front will then turn into a Stationary Front, which will then extend west then northwest into Northern Texas, The Central Great Plains, and The Northern Rockies before it crosses into Canada, and then terminate in Southern British Columbia. As a result from these Two Weather Systems, expect showers and thunderstorms into New England, The Mid-Atlantic States, Parts of Both The Mississippi and Ohio Valleys, The Southeast (afternoon and evening), The Northern Gulf Coast, Parts of The Lower Great Plains, The Central and Southern Rockies, The Four Corners Area, and The Desert Southwest. There is a slight risk of severe weather for The North Carolina Coast, Southeastern South Carolina, Southern Georgia, Southern Alabama, The Extreme Northern Part of The Florida Panhandle, Southern Mississippi, and a Small Part of Extreme Eastern Louisiana. Behind the Cold Front, expect unseasonably cooler air into The Tennessee Valley, The Ohio Valley, The Great Lakes Region, The Mid-West, and The Central and Northern Great Plains.

Elsewhere, expect fair and sunny skies into The Northern Rockies, and The Pacific Coast States. Temperatures are expected to climb above 100 degrees (38-42 Celsius) into The Red River Valley of Texas and Oklahoma, Most of The Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Parts of Western Texas, Southcentral and Southwestern Arizona, Southern Nevada, Southeastern and Parts of The Inland Valleys of California, and Parts of Central Washington State.

M. Leiba

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