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Mike i from Darley Dale

 A bit dull and grey and the forecasters ...


colin from Milford Haven

 good morning everyone. virtually the sa...


Terry from East Dereham

 Morning all Misty start light wind ENE ...

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Towns that sound like

 ►`Ajman (Lat:25.4,Lon:55.4)
 ►`Ar`ar (Lat:31,Lon:41)
 ►`Ajlun (Lat:32.3,Lon:35.8)
 ►`Ibri (Lat:23.2,Lon:56.5)
 ►'Ain Temouchent (Lat:35.3,Lon:-1.1)

Or our ski resorts?

 ►Špindleruv Mlın (Lat:50.72,Lon:15.6)

Well, we did have a look and try to find it but we couldn't. For Metcheck to work brilliantly we need to know the exact location of where you want the weather for.

Makes sense really?!

Try typing in the location again in the box at the top of the page under the logo and we will scour the world to find locations which are similar.

If we still can't find your location then Click Here to add it to our database.

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Help & Info

Metcheck has a pool over over 500,000 locations around the world which we forecast the weather for. Our forecasters are a busy bunch eh?

Just start typing your location into the drop down box and the Metcheck pixies will search through our huge database of locations and display a list of matching places.

Then just select the location from the drop down list and bob's your uncle!