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Best In West

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Another mostly cloudy day across many parts of the UK as the frontal system that moved in yesterday slowly moves further eastwards today. However this front will linger over many south-eastern areas throughout the weekend and we are expecting a pulse of heavy rain to push north/northeast along the front tomorrow bringing a wet Sunday to many south-eastern parts of England.

This morning will dawn cloudy and damp across many areas with outbreaks of rain pushing north-eastwards, some of these on the heavy side in places. However brighter skies moving into Northern Ireland will spread into much of Scotland, Wales, northern and western parts of England today although the odd sharp shower will break out this afternoon. Meanwhile the far northeast of Scotland will remain cloudy and wet and it will also remain dull across much of central, southern and eastern England with some patchy rain at times, this rain mostly dying out by this evening. Maximum temperatures will be close to normal for many, mostly in the range of 8C to 11C, but it will be mild towards southeast England with highs here of 12C to 14C.

Under the clear skies towards the north and west it will be a cold night tonight with a touch of frost over parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. However across much of England and Wales it will be milder, especially towards the southeast where temperatures will hold up between 8C and 11C but this will be due to a lot of cloud lingering on before outbreaks of rain return from the south later in the night. Sunday will then be a wet day across much of southeast England with some heavy rain around, the rain mainly southeast of a line from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, whilst further north and west for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland it will be brighter with a few showers, these mainly in the far northwest.

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Metcheck Forecast Team Article Comments (3)

Large Dust Plume Heading In

Bet you are thinking about your plans this weekend eh? Wash the car on Saturday eh? Maybe do a bit of shopping and.... hang on?! Wash the car Saturday? Are you serious?

Probably not a great idea to be honest and Metcheck gives you permission NOT to wash your car on Saturday, unless of course you fancy washing it again on Sunday?

The reason? An impressive dust cloud is heading in from Africa, up across Spain and France and then across much of England and Wales on Saturday. The dust cloud will then run into a band of rain which will be heading in from the West over the weekend and as a result the dust will be deposited... probably on your car.

So, if you see your neighbours cleaning and washing their car looking all happy and smug on Saturday then you can bet they don't use Metcheck. Then, when you (and them) are cleaning your car on Sunday you can confidently say to them "Errr, I use Metcheck don't you know...." and look as smug as you like.

Another happy time saving, life happy tip from Metcheck.

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Brand New Snow Discussions

OK, we know it's not snowing in the UK at the moment but it probably will in the next few weeks right? Well, there is only one place to check it out.

We now have weekly snow discussions running on Metcheck from now until March 31st providing a detailed look at whether any snow is expected in the next week or so as well as a look at snow around the world including the USA and the Alps.

Sadly, this might be a page for our UK and Ireland viewers which ends in a few tears when reading, but we hope it will keep you up to date with all the latest developments from around the world this coming winter season. From December 1st we will have full YouTube videos on it too showing the snow maps as and a commentary from a meteorologist at Metcheck showing you the weather patterns and what is heading your way.

So, if you hear that there is snow on the way then there is only one place to check it out....

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